vendredi 21 septembre 2012



I can swallow my language
I can sweep my dust

All reminded in my mind …

My soul rolling near the shadow
Comes and stay
On a day
In my heart
For a story
Which has no end

Meanwhile – I intend to take part
Of our time
But … Nothing is
In a majesty

I would like
To have a last struggle:
This of the life
By singing
Through the darkness
For a shared liberty

Angry – I am not
I rob to the time
The tenderness which
Is hanging up to my tongue – my lips

Oh! It would be like a miracle
Each time again
By dancing
In my dark words

Therefore – how is it necessary
To catch the real
With my dusty
Hands ?

A duty of changing
All the places
When I am angry …

Shall I cry
For the died roses ?

All along the street
My walk beyond
The loneliness
My walk looking for
The future …

Kiss me – moonlight!
Take my eyes far from
The ugly men
Let me open my arms
Let me take your smile
For climbing towards
The height !

Too tight is my way
Though I roll my tears
In the perfect body’s innocence …

On my cheeks – my ears – my eyes – my mouth -
Are running the pearls
Of the sadness
But it is enlightening
The stones of
My town

Fever is ever charming
Me awake
I fight only
Against my own shadows

My knowledge
Is empty of truth
But this one is  glittering
On the whole poetry
That I am ever bringing
Like the old luggage
With  me

The nature took place
And one’s self
Will not change it
Perhaps – it’s a conquest of
The eternity …
But no entrance
Except for the ecstasy

I take measures of every strong feature
That does run in my language:
It’s my hope and my desire
In front of the
Black horizon –
Still ever more pulling out
Beauties of my own
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